Remember: You have to take Lower-Division and Major Preparation classes first (Two digits classes, e.g., TECH 31, TECH 68)

Also, follow the road map and ask your advisor for further helps you get on track (You can also ask us on our Discord server for further assistance!)

We have some unofficial Flow Chart and Technical Electives List for both CNSM and MS majors here:


  • TECH 190A is ONLY available in Fall, and TECH 190B is ONLY available in Spring. Required Instructor Consent to enroll.

  • TECH 147 is ONLY available in Fall and is a Capstone course for MfgSys Concentration ONLY.

  • If there is a time conflict, then either...

    • Email Dr. Barez if other students have the same problem as well OR...

    • Email the professor that you want to accommodate the time conflict and if he/she agrees, then you could ask them to complete the Time Conflict Memo.

Computer Network System Management
(Updated 10/8/2022)
SJSU Official: Program: Engineering Technology, Computer Network System Management Concentration, BS (2022-2023)

CNSM Engineering Technology RoadMap.pdf

Manufacturing Systems
(Updated 10/8/2022)

SJSU Official: Program: Engineering Technology, Manufacturing Systems Concentration, BS (2022-2023)

MS Engineering Technology RoadMap.pdf